SugarChain Has Been Listed On Crypto$Sky Platform!

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SugraChain : One-CPU-One-Vote, The World’s Fastest PoW blockchain

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SugarChain Specifications

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Please contact us if you have a new mining pool.

Cpuminer :

Bech32 address is by default and strongly recommended. -t1 uses 1 thread. If you want more hash, increase this number.

./cpuminer -a yespower -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -u sugar1q... -t1
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SugarChain Halving Schedule


Sugarchain Yumekawa is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more
information or see :

  • Copyright © 2009–2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Copyright © 2009–2018 The Bitcoin Core developers
  • Copyright © 2013–2019 Alexander Peslyak — Yespower 1.0.1
  • Copyright © 2016–2018 The Zcash developers — DigiShieldZEC
  • Copyright © 2018–2019 The Sugarchain developers


  • Disk space requirements:
  • Blockchain size growth is around 10 MB per 1 day and 3.65 GB per year.

Network rules :

  • To prevent fraud and timestamp attacks, nodes should be within 70 seconds of accurate internet time, or they will be banned.
  • Selfish mining & time warp attack:
  • Fraud techniques for manipulating timestamps are already known. We use a future time limit (FTL) to prevent this. Blocks that differ 60 seconds or more from the current head will be banned. (credit: zawy12)

’’-We Want To Be On Top Of Everything-``

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