Securus (SCR)Has Been Listed On Crypto$Sky Platform!!

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What is Securus?

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Securus is a fast, easy and private cryptocurrency which allows you to send money to friends and businesses.
One of Securus goals is to make things as simple and accessible as possible for everyday people, creating a cryptocurrency which is inviting, fun and friendly.
Below is basic checklist of tasks you have to do to get started with Securus.

Securus Information : ,,,,, ,,,Exchange( ,Birake[Soon…… {}]Unnamed [Soon………….],,


  1. PRIVACY >Securus has the same privacy features you’ll find in Monero and Aeon. Every transaction is private, by default.
  2. FAST>Securus is creating blocks every 60 seconds, as opposed to every 10 minutes. Your money travels 10x faster on Securus than on Bitcoin or BitcoinCash

3. SUPPLY>33 Mio coins limit

4. DEVELOPER>We are growing a community of developers,
we will never abandon this project

’’-We Want To Be On Top Of Everything-``

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