SafeCapital Has Been Listed On Crypto$Sky Platform!!

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SCAP — SafeCapital Ecosystem Coin

SafeCapital has the latest technology in the field of masternodes! SafeCapital is the most innovative masternode project on the market!

Inflation will be very small! SCAP will launch in the interest of fair distribution! SCAP can also be perceived as a long-term investment! SCAP will feed the entire SafeCapital Ecosystem and will have multiple uses!

Very Important: SCAP project will continue to be developed! SCAP project will not be abandoned! We tried in the first phase to get in touch with the big insurance companies but they did not want to make the step towards blockchain technology yet! Now we are trying to find API insurance providers to make contracts with! We are still working hard on this! We never stopped working on this project for a second!

SafeCapital-Information : Website,Github,Block-Explorer,Bitcointalk,Whitepaper,Wallet

Social-Meia : Twitter,Telegram,Medium,Discord,Facebook,Instagram,Youtube



Exchange : Crex24,Graviex,Exchange-Asset

SCAP-Distribution :

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If To Be Need Your More Information & Need To Contact There Team Member Please Join There Discord Community And Try To Contact There Core Team.

’’-We Want To Be On Top Of Everything-``

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