QuebeCoin (QBC) Has Been Listed On Crypto$Sky Platform!!

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History :

Quebecoin began in April 2014 and has earned a reputation of resilience over its 5 year legacy. The coin has beaten the odds and survived thanks to its dedicated community members that saw its potential. Quebec is known as the best place in the world to establish cryptocurrency mining farms. It’s only natural that such a place would maintain it’s own cryptocurrency and a result a new generation of community members are joining their efforts to revive and promote this coin to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Read To The Complete History….


QuebeCoin Information : Website,WhitePaper,Github,Block Explorer,BitcoinTalk,Discord,Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Reddit,Wallet,Delta App,YouTube,Telegram

Listed : Coinmarketcap,CoinPaprika,CoinGecko,Exchange

Mining Pools :


Familiarize yourself with virtual currency and cryptography. We will help you on your journey to cryptocurrencies.

Untapped world in Quebec but evolving at high speed all over the world. With QBC and our help, quebecers and people from all around the world can tap in.


Our agenda: Promotion, development, education, sharing and free discussion about Quebecoin and digital currency.

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’’-We Want To Be On Top Of Everything-``

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