Peps Coin Has Been Official Partnership On CryptoSky Platform


This is Project PEPS. A real world Crypto Currency which you can use as your Everyday Asset. PEPS is not just an altcoin which gives you red and green bars at the market, but it is as good as the bank notes in your wallet. You can Earn and spend it like money, without any third party involvement!

Yes, PEPS gives you the power of Real Money with Privacy. No one control your Transactions, No Government, No Tax, No Banks and No middleman! PEPS is borderless, you can take it Anywhere in the world and Spend it! No Forex or Currency converters needed! Soon to be launched, PEPS ATM will give you Cash Banknotes in major countries, or Just use PEPS with PEPS Prepaid Card.


PEPS is the currency for the Future. Today you can use it as a Cryptocurrency but tomorrow it will become the typical choice for Everyday Expenses. How? Because you can use PEPS Payment Gateway for your everyday bill payments and other recharges. When you need Cash, you can go to PEPS ATM Machines and withdraw your old favorite banknotes. At merchant stores, you can swipe your PEPS Crypto Card and make payment to your merchant!

This may sound little futuristic, but you never know which coming day PEPS become your primary method of making transactions. It all starts with your PEPS and goes a long way ahead!


-Masternodes : PEPSNode Helps you earn more PEPS, without Investing your Money Elsewhere!.

-Highly Scalable : PEPS Runs on Open Source and Adoptable Codes, Cross Platform and Effective.

-Daily Backups : PEPS is world’s First Blockchain with Daily backups of Chain Data. Always Stay 100% Sync.

-International : Forget Forex with PEPS, Accepted Worldwide! Pay with PEPS no Matter Where You Are!

-Privacy : You Owns Your Privacy. No one can Control Where you Get or Where you Send Money. Peace!

-Community Support : Hundreds of PEPS Users are There to Help you Whenever you Need Help! Just Join PEPS Community.


Website : Visit Here

Github : Click To check

BitCoinTalk : Click To Go

Block-explorer : Click To Check

White Paper : Read It

Coinmarketcap : Click To Check


Twitter : Visit Here

Discord : Join Here

Telegram : Click To Check

Facebook : Click To Go

YouTube : Click To Go


Crex24 : Click To Check

Graviex : Click To Check

Altilly : Click To Check

Bololex : Click To Check

If Your Need Information Please Visit There Official Webpage & If You Have Need Contact To Team Please Join There Discord Community.




Cryptosky is online platform . We provide services for blockchain project development, advertising new token & coin project.

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CryptoSky Platform

CryptoSky Platform

Cryptosky is online platform . We provide services for blockchain project development, advertising new token & coin project.

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