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Hello CS Supporters

We Are Delighted To Inform You
Since, we can’t add $ in our website address that's why we take a decision, we will be totally removed $-sign in The Crypto$Sky Name. From now on we will remove $ -signon all sites and make it CryptoSky Those of you who have already reviewed our website have seen that we have written Platform instead of Community in the address of the website. Because we want to transform the CryptoSky Community into a CryptoSky Platform, this is our main goal. So, we have now changed the Community to Platform
Finally, we can say that we are currently making changes in Two Places-First--we are removing $-sign from all sites
Second--we are changing the word Communityto Platform
As soon as possible, we will change these two In All Sites. So, From Now On Our Official Name Is CryptoSky Platform

Best Regards,

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