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We will take the development of Prasaga Project very seriously and Prasaga Team will help us in the same way. The Prasaga Project Team Founder From Estonia, And it is entering Crypto World with many new features & system.

First demonstration of the Prasaga Pat. Pend. XBOM running on Hyperledger. First ever instance of a First-class Object Model running on a Blockchain, a Decentralized Global Operating System. This creates a single global class tree per blockchain (channels) or shared across multiple channels.

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Building the Evolved Blockchain with Smart Contracts 3.0

A world-wide revolution has begun

Prasaga proudly introduces The DataGrid — advanced distributed ledger technology standards that power individual sovereignty and decentralized marketplaces.

We’ve designed the next evolution of blockchain architecture. A blockchain that actually achieves the promise that all blockchains have aspired to. One that provides the highest level of resistance against attacks. One that rewards its ecosystem of contributors. And, one that, perhaps most importantly, scales in throughput as more resources are added to the network, providing the maximum possible increases in speed.

We want to live in a future where data is used to produce a better quality of life — where data is democratized and where data is available on open platforms that insure both security and privacy. Platforms that break down the current barriers and data silos that self-interested business models have created and open up universal access on a DataGrid™, where real-time data can be exchanged and leveraged much like power grids for electricity today.

To this end, we’ve created a working prototype of this open standard driven message server that functions much like WhatsApp to provide secure end to end onboarding and access that will support vibrant data marketplaces.

To fuel its success, the DataGrid™ Blockchain (DGB) needs to harness the blockchain’s promise of:
|>Open decentralized access
|>Optimal scaling to unleash the transaction speed necessary now and in the future
|>Individualized control to ensure our individual autonomy and data privacy

Knowing that blockchain solutions are still early in their maturity, we explored all the major projects currently being promoted and discovered not one satisfies the DataGrid’s need for security and scalability while remaining decentralized.
The DataGrid Blockchain catalyzed by our eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM) builds a ledger that puts the coding, execution and settlement of all asset transactions directly onto the blockchain — delivering an evolved approach to Smart Contracts that provides increased speed of development, higher quality, and a future proofed development infrastructure.
Our teams background had us primarily focused on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and SmartCity applications. What we discovered is that all the potential use cases for the blockchain in other sectors like Fintech, Supply Chain / Logistics, and Government would benefit from our evolutionary DataGrid Blockchain (DGB) and has expanded our vision for a future of democratized data innovation.

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What is the DataGrid Blockchain?
The DataGrid Blockchain (“DGB”) is a new design for a blockchain from the “ground up”. It incorporates components of the following concepts: proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, parallel chain/sharding, byzantine fault tolerance, verifiable random functions, staking, open permissionless design, open source code. Its design goal is to enable secure low latency, high throughput transaction rates, scalable with increased resource availability. The DGB is designed to be a general purpose blockchain enabling a cryptocurrency and both simple and complex business relationships, with global scale.

What the DGB is not…
The DGB is not a smart contract implemented on top of any other blockchain technology in existence. The DGB is not designed for a specific vertical use-case, but is designed as a “horizontal technology” suitable for a virtually unlimited number of applications worldwide.

What type of coin is the DataGrid Token?
The DGB uses the DataGrid Token (“DGT”) as its “native” coin. The DGT is a mined coin that functions similarly to the Ethereum coin. That is, transactions consume DGT similarly to Ethereum “GAS”. New DGT is created as incentive rewards for block production by miners similar to both Ethereum and Bitcoin. The DGT monetary policy is a unique new approach to coin supply management (i.e. tokenomics) to improve the stability of the DGT based on economic activity as opposed to static algorithmic minting (e.g. Ethereum and Bitcoin), or tethering (e.g. Tether), enabled by the DGB and the XBOM.

How is the DataGrid Token different from a token smart contract (e.g. ERC20/223)?
The DGT is the native coin operating the DGB. It is not a token in a smart contract such as an Ethereum ERC 20 contract or similar. The DGB can support the concept of a token smart contract. However, given the technology advances that the DGB provides it is believed that the token smart contract as it is currently implemented will become obsolete.

What is the Extensible Blockchain Object Model?
The Extensible Blockchain Object Model (“XBOM”) uses a “first-class” object model to instantiate classes on the DGB, loading the code for the classes. The XBOM then enables inheritance of the code by subclasses and instantiation of object instances of the classes. Since the XBOM explicitly uses code already loaded on the DGB, the opportunity for individual coding errors is significantly reduced, increasing the reliability of business logic almost exponentially. XBOM objects are stored explicitly in each user’s account state.

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Based in Malta, the Prasaga Enterprise is the official supplier of Data Grid Tokens (DGT).

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