DocumentChain Has Been Listed On Crypto$Sky Platform!!

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About Documentchain
Documentchain is a decentralized blockchain solution for document management systems. Important properties of the document file are stored in the blockchain in a revision-proof manner, safe from manipulation, so that you can easily prove the copyright of your document, your invention, songs or construction.

DMS is the native currency of the Documentchain. With DMS you will be able to authorise transactions on the blockchain and store document records worldwide in an accessible and decentralised manner.

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You remain in control of your data and do not send your data on the Internet. Documentchain only secures the identity of the files and stores them in the blockchain. In the event of a violation of rights, you can present the file and certificate of proof as well as its deposit in the blockchain. Due to the decentralization of the blockchain, the technical evidence is very strong.

Documentchain-Information : Website,Github,Block-Explorer{#1,#2},Wallet,Whitepaper,Guide,Mining-Pool

Press Release : ct,Computerwelt

Community : Twitter,Discord More Social Media Coming Soon……


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Buy-Documentchain{DMS} : Crex24,More Exchange Listing Coming Soon……………….

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