DigitalMoneyBits(DMB) Has Been Listed On Crypto$Sky Platform!!

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About DigitalMoneyBits{DMB WhitPaper}

DMB — Digital Money Bits, Your Solution for Reliable Cross-Border Remittance Industry

Digital Money Bits (DMB) is a Free Open Source Project derived from Bitcoin, with the goal of providing a long-term, energy efficient, scrypt-based cryptocurrency. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, PPCoin and NovaCoin, innovations such as proof-of-stake help to further advance the field of cryptocurrencies.


Development Plan

DMB Bungee — Transaction Recall Options

Contact reputable exchanges that will list DMB and make the coins available to more traders and enthusiasts.

Introduce the coin to the community by providing bounties and air drops, particularly for Merchants.

Engage in Massive Crypto Educational Marketing Campaigns for online and offline Merchants.

Look for more exchanges to make DMB available now to a bigger trading community.

Evaluation of supply and demand after its halving to determine if the coin supply should be burned or swapped.

Continuous development by introducing new technology for security purposes and to provide more value to the coin.

Allocate a sustainable amount to chosen charities.

Create crypto awareness among Merchants and encourage them to use DMB to foster a continuous demand for the coin.

DigitalMoneyBits-Informations : Website,Github,BitcoinTalk,Block-Explorer{1,2},Wallet{1,2}

MN-Hosting : iHostMn,Pecunia-Platform

Listed : Coingecko,BlockFolio

Social-Media : Twitter,Discord,FaceBook,Telegram,Youtube

Exchange-Listing : Crex24,Fedlio,CryptoBridge,Unnamed(Btc,Ltc,Doge,Eth),

’’-We Want To Be On Top Of Everything-``

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