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Powerful cryptocurrency engineered to allow for payments, transferring and storing value, e-commerce, and enterprise use

It’s easy to start earning Ignition Coin. You can create a master node through the wallet, stake your coins, or mine the coin.

The Ignition Network’s blocks are generated by a triple hybrid methodology — Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, and Master Nodes. This reduces the power cost compared to traditional PoW blockchains by 50%, and eventually, if the community decides, 99.9%. Help secure the Ignition network by operating a Masternode. PoS/PoW block rewards are equal, but POS rewards are split 50/50 w/ stakers & Master Node operators.

INFORMATION : Website,Github,Block-Explorer{#2},BitcoinTalk,Whitepaper,Coinmarketcap

COMMUNITY : Twitter,Discord,Medium,Wiki
Exchange : BtcPop,Graviex

If You Want To Buy Ignition Coin Feel Free To Buy {Go On Exchange} & If Your Need To Discuss There Team Please Join There Discord Community..

’’-We Want To Be On Top Of Everything-``

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